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Hello everyone, my name is Juan Carlos Rodríguez Martínez. I am from Colombia South America. it gives a lot of pleasure to say that I am one of  the masterminds´ behind Power Fusion Fitness ®.

My passions are martial arts (such as karate), dancing, choreography, sports, and helping my community. The importance of keeping your body and mind active is essential to live a long and healthy life. In our country and in many countries worldwide, obesity is a global problem that is killing our people. My desire is to help people to lose weight and improve their physical condition as it will enable them to live a long life. It is important to know that the only way to do this is by exercising both the  body and mind.


My Story:

I count more than 22 years of experience in the world of fitness and have devoted 100% of my time as a professional fitness instructor.

As a kid, my ambition was to study medicine but this was not meant to be. The subject is still close to my heart as I spend a lot of my free time reading and studying books on sports medicine, traditional medicine and everything else related to the field of sport.

I am IFPA (International Fitness Professional Association) qualified which allows me to train Trainers.

I studied Physical Education for my higher studies. I enjoy dancing especially modern jazz and practiced karate for many years, through which I discovered Tae – Bo fitness.





What Is “Power fusion ?

Power Fusion originated in Colombia back in 2005. It is a training & fitness philosophy aimed at a population willing to live a more robust life. We combine various exercises for every class and offer 15 different classes for our customers to choose and enjoy.

Power Fusion Fitness considers the health and welfare of our customers with utmost importance. We encourage you and your family to live a very healthy style.

The fast paced modern lifestyle in Colombo, deprives people from exercising and it is of great concern to us. This is the main reason we brought this concept to Sri Lanka.


 Our Mission?

Our mission is to open the first Power Fusion Fitness club here in Sri Lanka and get people of all ages exercising and active. Sedentary life styles and unhealthy eating habits are the main contributing factors that cause suffering due to illnesses from a young age. Adult and childhood obesity have become common phrases that are all too much a major part in our society.

Our goal is to help as many people lose weight, get active and be in the best shape mentally and physically. This can be accomplished in a very effective manner using Power Fusion.


Our Vision?

We are focused on becoming world leaders in fitness training. We pride ourselves in offering high quality conditioning and fitness training. The clients will be the testament to our dedication – it’s all about results and satisfied clients.


Can Anyone Teach Power fusion classes ®?

The simple answer is, No.  Our Power fusion® instructors are highly trained professionals that have passed our in-house rigorous training courses and have proven to be competent in their trade.  We mix exercise theory with practical application in our in-house training.  An instructor is not authorized to teach any of our courses until we say they are ready and have proven it to us.


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