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Starting soon, we will be with classes mainly in sri lanka after  in Colombia and in other countries.

the power fusion fitness studio will be happy to help you lose weight and especially lead healthier than ever  because that will be our reason for being.  I just want to tell you all are and will welcome to our classes.



with ample parking and space for classes , nice bathrooms and waiting area . You will  find very kind people who will make you feel very comfortable.

new equipment for the classes is underway, we have one of the best sound system for classes. We expect a lot from your understanding as we want to offer the best in group classes throughout sri lanka . we're looking for a good location for the studio that will be permanent. their input and understanding will be a key point for the success of our studio , beforehand thank you and welcome to power fusion  fitness .

It is never too late to start taking care of your health.

sedentary lifestyle and food can not control your life and mind , only you have control.

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