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What Is “Power fusion®”?

Power fusion® is a variation on the workout approach based on classic circuit training (also known as Cross-training).   Power fusion® combines exercises   that work on various parts of the body and muscle groups.  It uses sports training philosophy and exercise routines to improve the health and fitness of our clients. 

In this fast-paced world we live in, not too many people have time to spend hours in the gym trying to work out and get in to shape.  All too often the time that is spent in the gym is ineffective and usually does not give you the results you were hoping to get.  So short of getting your own personal trainer


and spending hours to try to look like a Hollywood star, Power fusion® promises to transform body and lives in a safe, effective, and sane manner.  Our typical classes are 45 to 50 minutes and some up to 1 hour in length.  You will start feeling better and fit after the first week of working out with Power fusion®.   If you stick to the Power fusion® routine and are diligent with your workouts, we guarantee you will get the results you’ve been longing to achieve for years!  


  • Powerpunch Fitness® is regarded as an excellent way to improve overall fitness, losing weight and also to release the stress of accelerated life we ​​lead. Before practicing Powerpunch, you need to start with a warm-up, and prepare the muscles, it aims to accelerate the frequency or heart rate, only then can you start with the exercise routines of kicks, punches and other movements. At the end of Powerpunch, aining as necessary as preheating, it is cooling, which includes various stretching movements.  take care of the technical posture required for each movement particularly since only then the proper conditioning will be achieved. Powerpunch can be practiced both indoors and wide open spaces, and for better performance using a garment that is both comfortable and fresh is recommended, allowing the sweat out of the clothes. It is estimated that a complete workout of the sport can burn up to a total of between 600 to 800 calories, building muscle toning, body modeling, improving coordination, agility and endurance.


  • Powerkout – It is a  cardio endurance class ,where the upper and lower body workout with discs and dumbbells. effective class for toning and increased strength. This class combines resistance training with free weight training,  and our own body.



  • Elastic Power  - This is a unique class that does not use any weights.  It uses resistance training by employing the use of rubber elastic bands (tubilastic or theraband).  It is geared for people that want to tone but have problems handling free-weights, bar bells, or weights in general.  It is also a fantastic way to train and maintain tone if you are recovering from or suffering of recent or past injuries (like “old football injuries”).


  • Rumba Power® – This is the original Rumba fitness class that has its origins in Colombia.  This class is geared towards our clients that want to dance and have fun while at the same time getting in shape and burning off all those unwanted calories.


  • Extreme Box – This combines cardio with boxing.  It is an intense aerobic work that will kick you arms and heart in to shape, while toning you whole body.


       Power Flex – This is one of our clients’ favorite class, because it works              on flexibility and stretching while improve strength, balance, and                      control.


      Kick Boxing Fitness – Started in Thailand and brought to America many           decades ago it combines boxing with martial art kicks and sweeps.  It is a        great cardio workout that is made to tone arms, legs, and core.


  • Tone BarIt is a class based in toning, low-impact exercises where a bar of different weights we will use to find the best advantage and achieve the goals we want, tone the entire body .  Great training to tone and strengthen muscle without building mass.


  • Rumba Kids – A specially geared class for the youngest of our clientele.  It is fun, active class that will help get your little ones in to shape.  We use music (Merenge, Bachata, & Raggeton) to keep their exercise upbeat and engaging.


  • Powerbike-   is a training system similar to cycling and sports suits offer gyms or at home itself. It can be practiced amateur athletes who want to keep fit as athletes in their physical preparation method (eg cyclists who practice bad weather ) . One of its main features is the possible addition of music to energize Powerbike sessions .

  • This is eminently cardiovascular exercise , which favors our resilience . It is very useful to burn calories and lose weight and body have no impact with the ground some injuries are avoided. From a muscular view , tones the buttocks , legs and abdomen. The high consumption of energy produced , this produces a reduction in stress levels and improved sleep.

.Powerball  : This class is also toning targeted specifically for youth and adults who can also tone your body with the weight of the ball if you have to modify their weight and themselves may provide assistance to people who can not handle much weight, whole class trains with in the same ball the length of this class is only 45 minutes short time great results will be invigorating and strengthening if the whole body.

.Body strength :  Introducing this new class in all sri lanka, the class is

 only with your own body weight Without equipment, you will burn many  calories. Only you will lose weight if you put your mind your needs,

 you are welcome to body strength.




.Muscle powerA  workout regimen designed to attack your whole body and kick you in to shape.  Made to work out upper and lower  body.  Great stress reliever. Geared towards our female and male clientele, this class focuses on working on those hard to tone areas that women have common difficulties working out.  It’s a class create for women and men.

.Power coreIt is a class based only on the abdominal workout with isometric exercises and muscular continuous contracion . very effective in improving the position of the back and abdomen aesthetic appearance while increasing self-esteem of the person giving more security and confidence.







Always consult your physician before starting any exercise regime or program.





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